The Haermorrhoids

The haermorrhoids

I still don’t know how to spell correctly The Haermorrhoids (thanks, Google!) but I know how they brought me back to life during Punk Rock Raduno 3.

It was Sunday and after two (or three?) days of partying really hard, even my 21 grams of soul (yes, the 21 grams you lose when you die) were leaving my dead tired body.

Just one Haermorrhoids’ song was enough to catch my attention: because this band plays a tight punk rock with no pauses. Fast songs played back to back with multiple voices. And this is the kind of sound and rhythm I like.

It was just what I needed to enjoy fully my last day of Punk Rock Raduno. An hour later I was dead in my bed.

Where did I get The Haermorrhoids’ t-shirt

Since it was the one and the only time I attended a Haermorrhoids show, I got this t-shirt at Punk Rock Raduno in July, right after they finished playing. It’s the only merch I got during Raduno. So, trust me, they deserve attention.

My favourite Haermorrhoids song

Overdose, from their last record (and debut album) “Apparatus Of The Ultimate Power”

Where do you find The Haermorrhoids

The Haermorrhoids

Well, this band is from Hamburg so it’s it time to plan a visit to this city. But if you are searching for them on the web, check these links out!

If you like Haermorrhoids…

I suggest you to have a listen to Mean Jeans too!


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